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1. UPJV: University of Picardie Jules Verne, FRANCE

UPJV is the young developing University, located in Picardie, the province, strongly supported by EC regional development program (FEDER). Therefore, integration into European environment is the priority of University. The principal expertise of Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics, LPMC, which is leading laboratory of UPJV is the elaboration of epitaxial films by pulsed laser deposition and their characterization by X-ray diffraction, electrical and spectroscopic measurements. Raman spectroscopy experiments in oxides and elaboration of complex multilayered superlattices is the unique expertise of Laboratory. The theory group provides modeling of epitaxial films and superlattices of multifunctional materials for potential application purposes. 
Facilities:  Pulsed laser deposition to growth epitaxial films and piezoelectric/magnetic superlattices, X ray diffractometer (BRUKER D8 Discover) and Micro-Raman spectrometer Jobin Yvon T64000, both equipped with temperature chambers for low and high temperature measurements, and electrical characterization (impedance analyzer Schlumberge SI1260, low level current measurements) of bulk and films. Piezoelectric and ferroelectric bulk materials such as PMN-PT or PZN-PT were extensively studied and in the last decade, the group was involved in the study of ferroelectric/relaxor(piezoelectric) superlattices such as PMN/PT or BT/BZ…Linux cluster for theoretical modeling.