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4. UCAM: University of Cadi Ayyad, MOROCCO

Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech, is one of the higher education institutions in Morocco. Created in 1978, it contains 14 faculties that cover all the disciplines. Research in the Condensed Matter Physics and in Material Science is one of the recognized Excellence Points of the University. Laboratory of Condensed Matter and Nanostructures, LMCN, (Director Prof. D. Mezzane) was accredited in 2005 by the Council of the University and has the specialty of elaboration and characterization of oxide- and fluoride- containing ceramics (mostly perovskite) and nanofilms.

Facilities:The LMCN develop the method sol-gel synthesis to growth ferroelectric thin films and multilayers or superlattices materials. Equipments and facilities available in the center of the analyzes of the UCA ( CAC) will be used for the characterization of synthesized materials:, Physic-Chemical Characterization, Permeability, Magnetic Characterization,. UCAM has a good residency (University Club) to host students and professors partner of this project